onsdag 15. februar 2017

Gold from Aztec Gods

Teocuitlatl means excrement of the gods in the Aztec language. Today, teocuitlatl has a new meaning. Excrements of the humans.

Gold mining has become a player in the ongoing destruction of Earth’s climate. It is estimated that 75000 tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere for every ton of mined gold. That means that the 3236 tons mined in 2016, released 242,7 million tons of CO2. The total CO2 emissions on Norwegian territory were 53,9 million tons in 2016.

Gold today - Climate Crash Tomorrow
Teocuitlatl is not only the shit of the gods, but also the deadly shit of the Multinational Mining Companies. They have the ability to turn specks of gold into bullion bars. However, a Midas touch today will not give the children and grandchildren of the stockholders food on the table oin tomorrow’s climate damaged world. Even 4000 years after King Midas you stil can not eat gold.

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