tirsdag 7. februar 2017

Coins Made in Britain

If you are a coin collector, the Royal Mint is a must and near heaven experience.

The Mint is a small player compared with other well known mints, such as US Mint and Perth Mint. Its total gold sales were “only” 237,000 ounces. The Royal Mint gold and silver bullions coins have not yet reached the gold buying once-a-year-buy-a-Britannia for the grandchildren public. The gold and silver Britannica are increasingly popular with the 999,9 stamp. The Royal Mint is well worth a visit if you have a love for money.
   The Royal Mint main job is to mint coins for circulation in the United Kingdoms. However, the Mint produces coins for 60 other countries. It produces approximately 15% of the world's coin based currency.
The Royal Mint

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