fredag 3. februar 2017

Frozen Silver Coins

There are many mindboggling offers on the Internet. Some of them are fakes!

I do not really understand this Chinese web-shop is selling Frozen coins, but when I am offered 6 one ounce silver? collector coins for US $16.88/piece, I get suspicious. 6pcs 2016 Colorized 1 oz Silver Snow Queen Anna Elsa Coin Magic of Northern Lights Coins Hollywood Cartoon Movie Princess Coins. If the offer seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true.
   However, if you fancy colorful collector objects you can purchase the real stuff, Frozen silver coins, at the New Zeeland Mint for US $ 80/piece.
   Be aware that it might be a tax on the coins in your country. Norway has a 25 % value added tax on silver and gold coins if you order them from abroad. The same coins are taxfree if you buy them over the counter in Norwegian shops. New Zeeland Mint

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