fredag 9. desember 2016

The Harry Dent Depression Conspiracy

How I wish I were Harry Dent! With his prophetic insight I could warn the people of the world about THE GREATER DEPRESSION. But alas, I am not Harry Dent! I can’t even predict how much money I will have in my wallet tomorrow.

Investor Harry Dent was dead wrong when prophesized that gold would fall to $ 700 an ounce in 2014. The price of gold at the end of the year was $ 1201 ounce at the end of the year. However, since Mr. Dent had not given up hope that his deep insight still was correct, he again predicted that gold would plummet to $ 700 at the end of 2015. No luck …. the price of gold at the end of that year was $ 1060 an ounce. In December 8th, 2016 the price of gold is $ 1174 an ounce.

Prophets belive
However, economic prophets are no different from other kind of prophets. They sincerely believe in their messages. Mr. Dent is wise to have changed his focus from gold to economic meltdowns. He now preaches that A Greater Depression is coming, and like any sincere prophet he can see the signs of the next economic collapse. However, his insight is limited to only those who provide their email address.
   Predicting future depressions is not difficult. They seem to come in eight years cycles, and the last one of any importance was the 2008 near meltdown. However, in order to foresee A Greater Depression, Mr. Dent has to take into consideration many, many unknown factors. For example factors such as USA's enormous debt, economic stagnation and business oriented Mr. Trump.

Something funny in the air?
Anyway, if you feel the fear in the Western World, you should not waste time on the prophecies of Mr. Dent. He was not able to predict the price of gold, so why should he be able to predict the next Greater Depression? You find his prediction adverts on

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