lørdag 10. desember 2016

Gold for the Taxman

Norway … the country you are punished economically if you are a thrifty person! 

If you through honest work have been able to put aside some money for a rainy day, save money in a bank account, no longer are in debt or have down paid your mortgage on your home…. Then you are a stupid person. In the eyes of the Norwegian government you deserve to be punished with wealth tax if you have managed to accumulate more than 1 400 000 NOK (175 000 USD), and not gotten help form a sleazy bank to hide your fortune in Luxembourg.You must pay 0,85 % wealth tax on everything of value above mentioned sum. It is of no importance that you already have paid income tax, sales tax, car tax, interest tax and many other different types of tax on whatever you have managed to put aside
   As per 31st December you even have to declare the total amount you have in cash, postal orders, foreign currency, traveler’s cheques, cash cheques etc. which exceeds NOK 3 000 (USD 375).

Wealth Tax for Everbody
Most Norwegians find wealth tax unreasonable because they already have paid tax on their “wealth”. Moreover, they find it very unreasonable to pay wealth tax every year, time and time again, on the their savings. And when people find taxation unreasonable, they try to use every legal (and illegal) trick in the book to avoid paying. There are many legal ways of reducing wealth tax. One of them is investing in Norwegian 1 500 NOK gold coins, 16,96 gram (15,55gram - 1/2 ounce fine gold). The gold coins are legal tender, but the value of the gold is much higher. Close to 5000 NOK. There is a taxation gap of 3500 NOK for each Norwegian gold coin in Norway.

Taxable Gold Collections?
If you don’t wish to pay unreasonable taxes, check out the taxation rules for precious metal coins in the country you live in. You might get a pleasant surprise for your taxable wealth.
Bank of Norway

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