tirsdag 13. desember 2016

India, Norway and Gold Prices

Bullion costs less in Norway than in India

Let it be said at once. This is not an exact evaluation. There will always be some “currency irregularities” in Norwegian kroner (NOK) and Indian rupees (INR). This notice is meant to show a couple of interesting features regarding gold prices in India and Norway. (12.12.2016)

Size matters
One gram 24 K gold costs in India INR 2 791 which corresponds to NOK 405 on the currency calculator. A one gram 24 K coin costs NOK 487.
Conclusion: Gold is cheaper in India if you buy small.
However, if you are a big spender and buy gold by the kilo, the price in India is INR 2 791 270, and this price corresponds to NOK 405 013. A one kilo coin 24 k (999.9) costs NOK 326 898 in Norway.
Conclusion: Gold is cheaper in Norway if you buy 1 kilo.
Gold Price India

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