fredag 17. november 2017

Silver dollars in the Nordic Countries

If you visit the Nordic countries, and are planning to invest in the American Eagle silver dollars, you get the best bang for the buck in Norway.

Cost of one American Eagle Silver Dollar. Converted to NOK and U$D. 20.11.2017

Denmark: (197 DKK/oz) 258 NOK – 31,4 U$D
Finland: (25 EUR/oz) 244 NOK – 29,6 U$D
Iceland: (2242 ISK/oz) 181 NOK – 22 U$D
Norway (175 NOK/oz) 172 NOK – 21,3 U$D
Sweden ( 227 SEK/oz) 224 NOK – 26,6 U$D

There are minor irregularities in the conversion between the difference Nordic currencies and the dollar. Anyway, the "pricelist" should give a general overview.

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