onsdag 6. april 2016

Slow Silver Growth in Barren Soil?

A small minority of fanatic silver investors fantasize about prices up to $ 2000 an ounce.  They believe that silver is undervalued and manipulated by mighty banks and shady investors. The Dreamers claim that the ongoing price suppression sooner and not later has to collapse. The true price of the white metal will then surface like a mighty glacier falling into the sea. But, no matter, the spot price of silver is 14 -15 dollars an ounce three months into 2016 and the big question remains: Have you invested wisely? Does your silver grow well, or have you put your money in barren soil of manipulations? So far so good, if you bought silver when it was even cheaper than today. (US dollar 15,13/oz). Source charts: Kitco

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