tirsdag 1. mars 2016

The Shamans of Gold Predictions

Well into the year of the Monkey and the price of gold is slowly creeping upward. The Shamans of Economics are throwing their bones on marble-floors trying to divine the future.

The Economy Forecast Agency
Their shamans claim that they do accurate forecasts and present a truly detailed investment map for the future:  Gold price forecast for March 2016.; The forecast for beginning of March $1202. Maximum gold rate $1250, while minimum $1154. Gold price prediction for the end $1157. The price change for the month -3.74%. The predicted average price $1180 for March 2016. Read their forcast for 2017: The Economy Forcast Agency

Profit Confidential 
Their group of shamans have been doing stock market forecasts, financial and economic analysis since 1986. They have quite a few articles about the future of gold and gold and silver in general. Play Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon while you read their interpretations.
Gold Price Outlook for 2016: Two reasons why gold prices could be much higher this time next year: 1) demand is rising ,2) supply is contracting. It’s hard to argue prices of any asset will not move up when demand is rising and supply is declining; that’s the exact situation we see for gold bullion toda.
Read their forcast: Profit Confidential

Quotes from minor economic shamans:
Barings Global Mining Fund: That uncertainty means people have gone back to gold as a traditional safe haven... gold is a pseudo-currency,” says Clive Burstow, manager.

Capital EconomicsDespite the headwinds... we think that gold prices will be well supported and possibly rise up to $1,250 this year,” says Simona Gambarini, commodities economist.

Julius Baer: We have been telling clients to watch what’s going on because we do not believe that this recovery in gold will be lasting unless there is a global crisis, says Carsten Menke, commodity analyst. He forecasts that gold will end the year back down at $1,100 oz, barring any world market meltdown. Read their forcasts;  City A.M.

The Future is Now
We must trust our own evaluations as the shamans quarrel about the gold price. However, it seems that the shamans are able to agree on that the price of gold and silver will increase in 2016, but their bones do not reveal the future price of the golden metal at the end of the year.
(The goldprice 27 Des 2016 was $ 1148/oz)

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