onsdag 2. mars 2016

World Gold Council on Gold

World Gold Council has made a summing up for 2015 compared with 2014

Overall demand was 4,212t compared to 4,226t in 2014
Total consumer demand was 3,427t, a 2% decline compared to 3,481t in 2014
Global investment demand was 878t a growth of 8% from 815t in 2014
Global jewellery demand in 2015 was down 3% to 2,415t from 2,481t in 2014
Central bank demand was virtually flat at 588t compared to 584t in 2014
Demand in the technology sector was down 5% to 331t from 346t in 2014
Total supply was down 4% to 4,258t compared to 4,414t in 2014
Total mine supply down 2% to 3,165t from 3,244t in 2014

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