fredag 19. mai 2017

The Thrill of the Hunt

Beautiful in the eye of the beholder, exiting design, funny or rare. Silver and gold coin collectors want it all!

Some coins are miniature pieces of art, and the experience of looking at the details under a magnifying glass can be infinite more worth than the value of the coin. The well renowned Encyclopædia Britannica point out that coin collecting has been done since the fourth or third century before Christ. Emperor Augustus was fond of old and foreign coins and he gave rare coins to his friends. However, it was first in the 15 th. and 16 th. Century an active market for coin collecting developed. The collecting of ancient coins became what is known as The Hobby of Kings. A list over devoted collectors at that time would also be a list over the European nobility.

The Thrill of the Hunt
However, you don’t have to be rich to collect coins for the pleasure of it. Collecting silver coins are increasing in popularity. The Canadian Mint produce more than 300 million coins a year, both investment coins and collector coins. It is questionable whether the Canadian collector coins ever are going to be valuable, but the fun of collecting them should in many ways compensate for a lack of future profit.

The 150 Collection
Anyway, check out the 150 Collection the Canadian Royal Mint is releasing as Canada is turning 150 years as a nation. 48 coins will be released throughout 2017. Several of them quite colorful. The 150 Coin Collection

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