mandag 15. mai 2017

Golden Winds of Change

Key gold findings from World Gold Council
Q1-2016 vs Q1-2015

Overall demand for Q1-2016: 1,290 t, up from 1,070 t
Total consumer demand for Q1-2016: 736 t, down from 849 t
Global investment demand for Q1-2016: 618 t, up from 278 t
Global jewelry demand for Q1-2016: 482 t, down from 597 t
Central bank demand for Q1-2016: 109 t, down 112 t
Demand in the technology sector for Q1-2016 fell 3% to 81t
Total supply Q1-2016: 1,135t up from 1,081 t
Mine supply for Q1-2016 was up 8% to 774 t

Latest from WGC – 4 th May 2017Global gold demand in Q1 2017 was 1,034.5t
The 18% year-on-year decline suffers from the comparison with Q1 2016
World Gold Council - Gold trends for 2017

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