tirsdag 18. oktober 2016

The Silver Doctors Gold Conspiracy

One of my top ten gold conspiracies is The Silver Doctors Conspiracy.

The Future sees a meltdown of the US dollar.
The Chinese Central Bank manipulates the price of gold.
The Chinese wishes to have gold to back their currency.
The Chinese wants to buy all the gold they can get hold of.
The Dollar’s fate lies in China’s Hand. Gold is the key to this fate.
The 50 000 dollars scenario, for an ounce of gold, becomes real.

Don’t believe in this conspiracy! The Chinese has better things to do. They know that China needs a Global economy to prosper. However, if you believe that there is a snowflake of truth in the Silver Doctor Conspiracy you might enjoy a short-story on the selfsame theme written in old fashion Pulp Fiction style. The Curse of the Gold

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