torsdag 13. oktober 2016

Sceptic, by choice

The Earth is flat and circled by the Sun.
If you were a banker and knew how to make a tremendous profit by buying gold, ask yourself. Why should I lend it to other people? Furthermore, if you were a leading industry analyst who is dead certain that gold will top the 2011 high of $ 1923, ask yourself. Why should you tell? Why should you reveal your knowledge to other people when you could make a tremendous fortune by following your own advice to the letter. Pawn your house, car, wife and children and buy gold, gold, GOLD! Why not? You KNOW for certain that gold will reach new heights.
No, be realistic and consider Groucho Marx’s famous proverb - which I paraphrase: 
- I don’t want to borrow money of any bank that will lend people like me money.

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