tirsdag 11. oktober 2016

Haiti’s Government prefers Gold to Relief!

Reuters is reporting that at least 1000 people have been killed by the hurricane Matthew, and the country is devastated. The United Nations reports that more than one million people need humanitarian help. 

The Norwegian government gave 1.2 million US dollars as acute relief help, and USA has already sent 480 tonnes of basic relief goods. More relief will follow from the International Community.
   However, and old proverb says: The Gods are only helping those who help themselves. The Haitian rulers can help their own people by selling off the 58 000 troy oz. (1800 kilo) of gold the Haitian Central Bank have bought, with relief money?, afte the earthquake and hurricane hit the country.

Gold for the corrupt
100 million dollars worth of precious metal can do a lot of good for the population, and who cares if superrich gold traders loose money? Gold is a plaything for the rich and good for nothing when you have nothing to eat and dying of Cholera.

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