onsdag 2. mai 2018

Silver CoinArt Collecting

by Robert Wood - Art Lover
Coin Collectors have so many beautiful silver bullion items to choose among for their collection. These objects are fusions of money and art.

 The Alphonse Mucha collection
As a collector you have to pay more for a one ounce silver collector item than for an investment coin with the same silver weight. The Alphonse Mucha collection are not money, but items. However, they are definitely worth the price Kitco is asking: A collection of six beautiful women, Job, Rose, Ivy, Dance, Champagne and Laure will cost you US$ 35-36/unit (02.05.2018)
   Fine art on silver rounds! Kitco is proud to launch the first 1 oz silver bullion round an incredibly beautiful series inspired by the famed 1900’s artist Alphonse Mucha. Even if you don’t know his name, you’ll probably recognize Mucha’s distinctive Art Nouveau style, which has been reproduced on posters, murals, advertisements, banknotes and even tattoos … for over 100 years!
   The first 1 oz silver proof round in this new series of 1 oz .999 fine silver rounds is known as “JOB”. The original artwork was a poster, completed in 1896 as advertising for cigarette paper. The poster became one of the artist’s best known advertisements, and the "Mucha Woman" design soon became a distinctive part of his work.”
Read more about the ladies on:  Mucha Women

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