mandag 9. januar 2017

Cute Koala coins

This slow moving animal might be cute when you see it alive, but it is extremely difficult to transfer the cuteness from fur to metal. 

Perth Minth has  released 1 oz and 1 kilo Koala coins. Kilo-coin collectors might find this Australian national symbol interesting.  The presentation video is pretty boring, but shows what it is supposed to show: A sitting Koala. You find the video on YouTube. As many as 300,000 of the 1oz coins will be released. No mintage limit will be applied to the kilo coin.

Anyway, check out your nearest silver shop and have a look for yourself. The 2017 Koala coins have not yet reached the frozen north, but you can buy the Koala 2016 edition one kilo coin in Oslo for NOK 5387 (09.01.2017)

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