søndag 6. august 2017

Gold Tourists in India and Norway

If you are traveling to India as a Norwegian tourist you get a good deal buying jewelry, But if you are visiting Norway as a tourist from India, you get a good gold deal buying investment coins.

Update: At the time of writing, August 5. 2017 the rate for 1 tola (10 grams) gold is 28406 rupees (INR), which the Norwegian DNB's currency calculator deem to be 4079 kroner (NOK) – (542 USD). That means that you have to pay 2840,6 rupees, or 407,9 kroner (54 USD) for one gram of the yellow stuff in India. GlodPriceIndia
   On the other hand, if you buy an one ounce Canadian Maple Leaf coin (31,103 grams) for 10563 kroner (101567 INR - 1403 USD) you have to pay 340 kroner (3269 INR - 45 USD) for one gram of the yellow stuff in Norway.
   There might be some small iregularities in the above mentioned prices due to currency irregularities between INT, NOK and USD. - rw

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