onsdag 27. januar 2016

Wo ist mein Rheingold?

The Three Rhinemaidens are swimming in the depths of the river Rhine, as Alberich the Nibelung (a night-dwarf) enters. The Rhinemaidens tease him as he tries catch them.

Then a ray of sunlight shines on pile of gold. The Rhinemaidens tell Alberich that if someone should forswear all love, he would be able to forge an all-powerful ring of the Rhinegold. They tell this to Alberich because they think he would never forswear love, as he was so lustily chasing them. But they are wrong: Mad with despair, Alberich forswears and curses all love and he steals the Rhinegold and flees before the shocked Rhinemaidens can take any action. 
Rhichard Wagner

The Stolen Gold?
It seems like the Germans also have lost their gold in real life also. Nevertheless, they work restlessly to get their Rhingold back from the Americans, which seem to have spent the hoard. The Americans seem to have forsworn trust and chosen to keep the Rhinmaidens gold.
   To-date, Germany have managed to beg back 215 tonnes.If the Americans keep their part of the deal the Germans have been forced to accept, they will only get a small part back to Frankfurt.
   Follow this link to Perth Mint Australia and read Bron Suchechki’s update on the German Gold Opera.The Perth Mint german Gold Update

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