tirsdag 5. januar 2016

Big Silver Coins are more Fun

Some coin collectors think that BIG is beautiful. They collect FAT 1-kilo silver coins!

Coin collectors and investors
There are coin collectors and there are investor coin collectors. However, if you are a silver coin investor, your options are limited when combining investment and the pleasures of collecting. Your main goal may be investing your money in silver, but your secondary goal is the pleasure and fun of coin collecting. You know that silver investment coins rarely become valuable as collector items because they are minted in huge numbers. For example; the silver American Eagle one-dollar coin 2015 had a record selling mintage of 47 million.

Fat silver coins are cool
Most investor coin collectors prefer one ounce coins, but some collectors focus on 1-kilo coins. These are unpractical and difficult to store and handle, but the details are incredible. One 1-kilo coin represents 32 one ounce coins and at the moment of writing you have to shell out close to 5000 NOK ($ 580) for a K of silver. But then again you will get a rare collection you can show off to your fellow collectors.
   So what’s in store? Or what’s on the market 2016 if you are going to start a big coin collection? Well, the best buys in Oslo are the Australian Lunar 1-kilo coins. The Australian Year of the Monkey is for sale. If you fancy Australian coins, you can also purchase the Koala and Kookaburra kilo coins. 2017 ses The Year of the Rooste 1-kilo coins.

There are quite a few fancy offers “out there”. Do not become one of the suckers that are born every minute! As a silver investor coin collector you should not pay an unreasonable premium for your 1-kilo coins. The price should not extend more than 10 – 20 % of the price of 32 one ounce Canadian Maple Leaf coins. If you pay much more than that, you have turned into a coin collector and not an investor coin collector. Some of the 1-kilo coins offered are hugely overpriced seen from an investment point of view.

If you live in Norway, Customs has decreed that investment coins are not money, but a commodity. Therefore, you will pay an additional 25 % Value Added Tax. Anyway, no matter where you, live check out import tax laws before buying from another country. Silver Investment Coins

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