mandag 25. januar 2016

Silver - The River of Heaven

Try to imagine a stack of 1000 million Silver Maple Leaf 1 oz, 3,18 millimeter investment silver coins reaching for the heavens. The stack of coins will be 3,168 kilometer high. (10383 feet).

One Billion Silver Coins
The Worlds yearly production of silver for 2014 was a little more than 1000 million ounces.
One billion ounces may seem a lot of metal, but compared to the production of iron, copper and aluminum it is not much.

196 million ounceswere turned into Coins and Bars
61 million ounces went to Silverware
212 million ounces were transformed into Jewelry
695 million ounces were used in industrial fabrications

Supply for 2014 was1062 million ounces* and demand was 1064 million ounces*. Figures for 2015 will be close to the year before and 2016 will probably see the same demand if the growth-trend of solar panels continue upwards. *Source: The Silver Institute

Solar Power on the Rise
However, the future is sunshine bright! Industrial demand for silver will increase because the world at large needs solar energy to offset global warming. This again will lead to higher demand because the average solar panel needs half an ounce.
   In the future silver in solar panels might face competition from aluminum, because this metal is dead cheap and silver is not. But then again silver is the best electrical and thermal conductor of all metals. Is is used in many electrical applications, particularly in conductors, switches, contacts and fuses. Silver possesses qualities similar to gold, enjoys greater reflectivity and can achieve the most brilliant polish.

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