tirsdag 29. desember 2015

XXL Silver Investment Coins

It is not unusual to get a rebate when buying large. Not so, for the Investor Coin Collectors.

If you are defining yourself as an Investor Coin Collector, you will run into some interesting phenomena, which do not follow the rule. As mention in another of my blogpost, you have to ask yourself. When does an investment coin cease to be an investment coin? Then follow up with the question: When shall I break my principles and buy a coin, which is double, triple or fourfold as expensive as the cheapest investment, coin on the market?

A rule of the thumb is 50 %.
Check out the day-price of a Canadian Maple Leaf one ounce coin. Today, 29.12.1015, the price is 150 NOK ($ 16,50). That means that you can allow yourself to buy investment coins up to 225 NOK ($ 25) an ounce. Probably will quit a few protest and say that this is giving the word “investment” a new meaning, but do not forget that you also are a coin collector. You buy coins because you see something more in them than pure silver.
   Anyway, silver coins, which weigh ½ ounce (15,6 gram) are not for the investment coin collector. Usually you have to pay 3-400 NOK ($ 30 – 40) for these coins, and thereby they belong in the world of collector items. You can buy three one-ounce coins for the price of one measly half-ounce coin. Never forget that you are at heart an Investment Coin Collector. J

Big, fat coins
With BIG coins, I have the 1-kilogram coins in mind. These are unpractical and difficult to store and handle, but the details are incredible. A kilo coin represent 32 one ounce coins and at the moment of writing you have to shell out 4800 NOK ($ 530) for a K of silver coin. That is, 150 NOK for one ounce, almost the same amount you pay for a one-ounce Maple Leaf coin. Then it is up to you do decide if you should buy 32 coins or a beautiful giant of a coin. If you are only interested in the silver go for the one-ounce coins, but if you also are interested in coin-art go for the 1-kilo coin.

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