onsdag 16. desember 2015

Silver Coins for Investor Coin Collectors

It is not common to collect investment coins that are minted by the millions. As collector items goes, they will never be worth much more than the silver value they are representing.

Investing and collecting investing coins in silver and gold is not common. Most collectors do not collect coins which are minted by the millions and are never going to be worth anything as a collector’s item. However, some collectors, such as myself, collect investment coins because they are small pieces of art, fun to own and inexpensive. And, to be honest… I like to have a few bits of silver in my collection when the American dollar and the stock markets of the world collapse.
Start your collection with the following four coins:

TheWiener Philharmoniker present music instruments.
 Mintage: 4.7 million in 2014
The Canadian Leaf has the National symbol.
Mintage: 29.3 million in 2014
The American Eagle – one of USA’s National symbols.
Mintage: 44 million in 2015
The Chinese Panda, cute favorite bear
Mintage: 8 million in 2015

When you are a collector of investment coins, you have to ask yourself: When does an investment coin cease to be an investment coin? It is difficult to give an exact answer because we can’t guess the price of silver in the future. If we, for example, are to compare the Canadian Maple leaf 150 NOK/ $ 16 with the Chinese Panda Bear 180/ $ 20 we get a 30 NOK/ $ 3 price gap. This means that the Panda is 20 % more expensive, and the word “Premium” shows its true meaning. The dealers manage to convince us that the demand for this coin is so pressing that we should pay a little extra. This in spite of a mintage of 8 million. Moreover, as it turns out… the panda bear motives are seducing us to do exactly that. The many panda bear coin collectors even have their own Facebook page.

The American Eagle coin is highly popular both national and international. The coin is minted in three variations. The pure investment coin costs 158 NOK/$17.50, which is well within the concept of investing. The coin is hardly 10 NOK/$1.10 more than the Wiener Philharmoniker coin 147 NOK/$16.30.
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