mandag 24. august 2015

Silver Fever Cocktail

A thirst for silver is a well-known phenomenon.

Silver Fever
-Let a Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin rest heavy in your hand.
     Slide your thumb over the head of the Queen.
    Oh, the aristocratic face! Oh, the noble traits!
-Drop the coin into a crystal glass Amundsen Artic Vodka to see the silver glitter.
     The spirit must be ice-cold to bring forth the glow in the metal
-Three deep-frozen ice cubes to honor polar explorers that never came 
     home from the realms of the white Artic bear and penguins galore.
- Squeeze half a lime over the silver spoon you were given as a child, 
     remembering time lost dreams and sweet, exotic fragrances of your first love.
- Raise the crystal glass towards a white candlelight 
     and savour the sight of dancing flames around the melting ice.
- Drink slowly… Oh, so slowly … till the silver coin kisses your lips.

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