tirsdag 25. august 2015

Stock Trader Bots Dream of Virtual Gold

You can enjoy half a bottle of amber Single Malt Whisky, but you can’t eat gold in the sewers of a broken ecconomy.
The Finance crisis 2008 was caused by a combination of many social forces. One of the causes was stock trading robots, which buy and sell stocks within split seconds. Even destitute day traders use them and anybody can buy such robots online from businesses pushing these kinds of programs:
“Robot Robotic Stock Trader is a computer trading program. Robot Robotic is a kind of artificial intelligence, which will buy and sell stocks on your behalf. Just lean back and see how Robot Robotic acts as your surrogate brain to monitor chaotic stock market indicators…”.

The Golden Goose
However, stop a moment and let your own brain do some thinking. Why should any firm sell an automatic Stock Trader Bot if it was Truly effective? Why shouldn’t the inventors of this so-called artificial intelligence program use it for themselves to make billions of dollars? Why sell a Golden Goose? These programs might work if you are clever enough to make them execute an efficient trading strategy.
   However, when the shit hits the Wall Street fan the automatic Stock Traders Bots are going to be your economic downfall. They are not made to handle a crisis because nobody knows where and when and how the next crisis is going to hit.

Bots can't scream
When the stock market started to fall in 2008 desperate investors screamed STOP LOSS! and overrode the trading bots. But too late. The price of gold started to rise as investors scrambled to buy gold, silver and other precious metals, and as stocks hit rock bottom gold reached for the sky.
   Nevetheless, investors buying and selling gold are also making use of trading bots, and believing they had found a safe haven they forgot the Killer-Bots disguise as Angles. April 2013 they were once more an important negative cause when gold was temporary driven from heaven.

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