mandag 5. september 2016

Twin metals and Twin Fortunes

Two important metals have followed humankind from the dawn of time. Books have been written about the historic importance of silver and gold. Religious icons of silver have adorned churches and temples. Statues of gold have frowned down upon worshipping dancing crowds. Gold rules and silver is the Devil’s metal.

An old proverb says; - No country will survive long without gold in its coffers, vaults or central bank strongholds. Most modern countries realize this and hoard the metals for leaner times. Times when paper money is not worth the ink it is printed on.

The European Central Bank knows this is going to happen and forces membership countries to hang on to their gold. Even heavily indebted Greece is not allowed to sell its 112,5 tons of precious metal to ease the burdens of its people.

You can get hold of quite a few books on how to invest in gold and silver. You will get quite a few practical pointers and recommendations, but the basic message is; Gold will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no gold. But gold is expensive so you better check out the daily spot price at Kitco: or World Gold Council Try to find a gold seller and buyer who does not charge a premium out of this world.

Silver is a good investment alternative if you do not have enough money to buy gold. This beautiful metal can be bought as bars and coins. The everyday investor prefers the one troy ounce (31,103gram) American Eagle silver dollar or Canadian Maple Leaf 999.9 silver investment coin. However, the Australian Kangaroo and the Chinese Panda are good alternatives. You probably end up buying all four.

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