tirsdag 13. oktober 2015

Miniature Gold and Silver coins

In times of old, when money was scarce and difficult to get hold on, my first meeting with a very small coin was the Norwegian 1 øre. I 1957 I had to have 70 of these to buy a small glass- bottle of Coca Cola. I still remember the pained look on the cashiers face when my grubby hands dropped 70 of these painstakingly collected coins on the his immaculate clean desk. (100 øre = 1 NOK= $ 0,12).

Small is still important
Small coins are nothing new. Neither in denomination or size. The most famous miniature coins are the 2000 – 2500 old ancient Greek miniature coins. These coins, with the highly detailed motifs were made with different metals, such as gold, silver and bronze can be placed on the nail of your little finger. Ancient Greek Coin

Minature goes Gold
Modern miniature coins are mostly made of gold. That is because the production costs are basically the same, no matter what kind of metals they are made of. One of the smallest coins on the market are the 1 gram, 50 cents Canadian Leaf. Another smallish coin is the 1/20 ounce (1, 55 grams), 5 dollars, Year of the Goat Australian Gold Lunar from Perth Mint. Thickness 1,4 mm. Diameter 14, 8 mm, Purity 999,9.
   The price for the goat coin is at the time of writing 13th October in the Year of Our Lord 2015, NOK 666,- or $ US$ 79

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