mandag 29. juni 2015

Greece has 112,5 tons of Gold

IMF wants its money back. 1.5 billion Euro to be exact. Have the bankers forgotten that IMF used to get the membership fee payed in gold? And Greece got tons of the precious metal.

However, The World Gold Council reported in April 2015 that Greece had 112,5 tons of gold stashed away in vaults.. At the moment of writing (29.0615) the spot price is 1175 American dollars an ounce, or NOK 300/gram. This is more than enough to cover the first loan and much of the next loan – 3,5 billion Euros.
   Gold is not worth anything in vaults or in bag-ladies plastic bags. Greece got a lot of money bound up in precious metal, but the media and powers that are, do not take the enormous sum of money into consideration. They rather play their power and money games.

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