fredag 26. juni 2015

Pure gold is getting purer

Pure gold is getting purer. Modern technology makes it possible to refine gold
with more 9s than ever before.

If you buy a ring in Norway it will consist of 585 parts gold out of one thousand possible parts. The other 415 parts are silver and copper. It should be obvious, but it is not, because there is not possible to produce pure gold in the exact meaning of the word “pure”. If you ever get an offer for 1000/1000 gold beware. It is fake no matter what the seller claims.
   Probably, the closest you can get to pure gold is the one-ounce 9999.9  “Call of the Wild” series from the Royal Canadian Mint. Even purer gold can be refined, but some residues of other metals will always exist on an atomic level. The call of the Wild

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