onsdag 23. november 2016

The Silver Fix Conspiracy

One of my top ten silver conspiracies is The Silver Fix.

The current spot price on silver is artificial low.
Big banks too big to fail are manipulating the price of silver.
The price of silver is suppressed.
There are no reasons that the price of silver should follow the price of gold.
Daily cloak and dagger silver-fix meetings mean billion dollar profit.

The White Metal Conspiracy
Don’t believe in this conspiracy! Banks got more ways to rip you off than there are sand grains in Sahara. They have more than enough money already, and do not have to sink so low that they have to manipulate the price of precious metals. If the Fed and The European Central bank deem it necessary they can print trillions and call it “Quantitative easing”.
   However, if you disagree with above mention arguments you will find this article at Reuters interesting. Deutsche Bank to pay $38 million in U.S. silver price-fixing case

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