onsdag 13. mai 2015

Fear in the Western World

Are you worried about your hard earned money, your job, your pension, your future
well being? No? Read no more! 

But, if you are worried, ask yourself; Why are people all over the world buying gold and silver coins and bars? When you look at the small lump of gold you know, that it is plain stupid to shell out 12-1300 dollar or 10-11 000 Norwegian kroner for measly 31 grams of dead, yellow metal. You can buy a delightful vacation for that kind of money. But as long you believe that gold is valuable it will remain valuable.

Western World Fears
Since the Western World seems to fall apart in its economic seams, there is an under-the-ground-market for gold and silver. Not that this market is hidden or illegal, but it is under-the-ground in the sense that most Norwegians are not aware that they can buy pure gold and silver over the counter.

Scrapgold for the poor
Most Norwegians still think that gold is the scrap gold (585/1000) they are allowed to buy in greedy jewelry shops. Norwegians simply don’t know that they can buy pure 999,9/1000 gold coins for half the price. Gold, that will still be valuable when paper money are slowely rendered worthless by a calculated 3-4 % yearly inflation by the Norwegian Central bank.

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