lørdag 24. februar 2018


A book review Robert Wood - 
Broken Glass - Broken Souls

Now this is an interesting book. You better have your tech lingo nailed to your cortex. Robin, our twenty-seventh century protagonist, is trapped in the simulated reality of an American 1950-60 small town. But this reality is nightmarishly twisted and broken up, a crushed mirror of our own western world reality. And in many-a-way the author uses this broken mirror to point a dirtyfinger at several of our plain, stupid, meaningless customs and traditions.
   And Stross does succeed! The book is exiting and at times bitter-sweet-funny. It is weird to recommend this book because it’s like sticking your head into a Glasshouse with mirrors and seeing your society from inside out and outside in. In other words… It`s easy to get a headache. But then again the book is nauseatingly fascinating, especially the way Stross plays with the concept of gender. What the heck.. Take a chance on this innovative book and see if you make it through the first 54 pages. Glasshouse by Charles Stross

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