tirsdag 12. mai 2015

World of Warcraft Gold

In WOW you have to work hard to get gold coins to buy whatever your fighting char desire. At level 100, gear and equipment are getting expensive.

Killing Hordes is a Hunter's life
You have to quest and kill quite a few despicable hordes to get enough gold.You can also sell items you produce, in an auction house. The rarer the item you sell, the more gold you can ask for.

Real Life
But some people in real life earn their living by “farming” gold coins 12 hours a day. This gold they sell on the Internet to players who do not have the stamina to earn money for themselves in the game. It is illegal to buy gold for real money, and you risk being banned from the game by Blizzard.

Airwolf and CatMint
My char, Airwolf, is a poor level 100 Nightelf Hunter with a sabretooth pet, CatMint. He has almost 35 000 gold coins in his treasure chest, and that would have made him a rich elf in many a realm. Quite a lot do you think? Not so… for in real life on the black market you can buy 35 000 gold for 180 NOK (20 Euro/25 US$), i.e. 1 000 gold are worth 0,50 EUR/0,75 US$/3,90 NOK. But gold is where you find it, and easy to spend both in virtual worlds and real life. :-)

The name of the game changed with the 2016 upgrade Legion. It has become more difficult to accquire and buy gear, but CatMint has still his old fighting spirit. Nothing gives him more pleasure than tearing into the virtual flesh of an unlovable Horde and see the spirit leave the mangled body. ;-) Airwolf is much better off goldwise, but, as in RL, important gear have become much more expencive.

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